SOLUTION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR Individuals, Couples, & Families

Hi, I’m Jimmie.

I specialize in Marriage/Relationships, Depression, and Anxiety.  My approach to working with couples and families is based on positivity and empowerment. We don’t just focus on the problems that have caused you to seek therapy; instead, we focus on building solutions.

When people meet me and find out that I’m a psychotherapist, they almost always ask: “Why did you choose to be a psychotherapist?”

I became a psychotherapist because I love helping others.    It’s an honor to play a part in the stories of my clients. I celebrate those moments where I see hope return, or a recognition of their own power, or a long-forgotten hearty laugh.  I love helping people look at the uncertainties that are affecting their lives and helping them to respond in different ways. It’s so much fun when we figure out things and witness what happens! I get to watch stories of strength and perseverance unfold before me. I have the privilege of joining them and helping them along the way as we share the obstacles and successes together. I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life!

I’m here for you.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Many people struggle and need help from time to time. Every counseling session is unique and caters to each individual. Counseling can provide insight and new perspectives into life’s challenges and can help create solutions to difficult problems. Many people find that working with a counselor can enhance personal development, improve relationships and family dynamics, and can ease the challenges of daily life.

Thanks for taking the time to explore my website. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

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