Conferences and Seminars

I’m on a mission to help people become the best version of themselves. Understanding how an individual evolves psychologically fascinates me, and I have dedicated my professional career to helping people accomplish and maintain their goals. Life is an evolving journey which constantly involves learning, and my expertise in psychology helps me develop presentations that change peoples lives.

I’ve presented to thousands of people, and I’ve been touched by the feedback that I’ve received over the years. The passion in the voice of a mother who is determined that her child will have the opportunity to go to college. The pride in the voice of a volunteer who’s organizing blood drives in her community because she recognizes that others are worse off than she is.  I hear the renewed love in the voice of a spouse who’s committed to being more patient and supportive.  It’s never to late for us to learn something new about life and ourselves.

Here are some of the topics that I enjoy speaking about:
•Strengthening marriages and relationships
•Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
•The Psychology of Leadership
•Digital/Internet Addiction

I’ve taught a multitude of subjects and themes, including sales, motivation, and personal development. These subjects can help you no matter what field you are in.

Feel free to contact me about creating a unique experience for your group.

I look forward to speaking with you! -Jimmie